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The Schools’ Buying Hubs provide free advice and guidance to support schools, academies and MATs to undertake procurements autonomously, however we understand that there may be instances where the expertise of an external service provider may be preferred or necessary.

Where there is a shortage of time or resource to undertake any procurement work independently, we are able to point you towards a reputable procurement service provider who can run the process on your behalf for a fee.

Areas for additional assistance may include:

  • Supplier engagement and/or market research
  • Writing tender/specification documents and contract terms
  • Developing evaluation criteria
  • Managing tenders and clarifications
  • Evaluation of tenders
  • Negotiation with the supplier
  • Researching and engaging with suppliers for procurement outside of a framework
  • Developing SLAs and KPIs
  • Presenting results of a tender to a board of governors/trustees/SLT (only as part of a procurement/evaluation process)
  • Support in developing and implementing new procurement policies

Where possible the Hub will undertake tasks such as reviewing of tender documents in order to reduce the cost to the school, academy or MAT.

Below are the rate cards of four procurement service providers available for you to view and download. These are included for example purposes, the Department have not evaluated these companies for the quality of advice, however they are all providers with a track record of buying for schools. Please also note that this is not an exhaustive list, there are numerous companies within England who can provide buying services to schools. Your school is free to engage with any buying service that they wish, in which case the rate cards included here will give you indicative costs for benchmarking/comparison purposes. Also note that many PSBOs/buying organisations may provide a level of help free of charge when you are using their frameworks, this will need to be investigated by your school prior to engaging the buying services from any other company. Please note that you will need to engage with the respective companies to obtain a quote for your specific work package.

Schools’ Buying Club Rate Card

2Buy2 Rate Card

YPO Rate Card

NHS Rate Card

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