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The Schools' Buying Hub South West has been established to help schools save valuable time and money, by providing advice and guidance for where best value deals can be found – across a broad range of products and services that schools purchase.

Once you have registered, our team of school procurement experts will support all your buying needs – checking prices and guiding on how to best procure goods and services compliantly.

Developing your unique Savings Plan

If you register with the pilot service, the Schools' Buying Hub South West team will help develop your school or trust’s unique Savings Plan – which is designed to provide an overview of all current contracts and to identify opportunities for savings.

The Savings Plan will be developed based on:

1. A QuickStart Consultation with the Hub team

2. Population of your Contracts Register information

3. An Expenditure Analysis derived from your Financial Benchmarking data

QuickStart Consultation

The Hub team will identify your high priority areas for procurement through the QuickStart Consultation, and will set out your procurement schedule based on the population of your Contracts Register. The team will then carry out an expenditure analysis on the information that you provide, together with financial benchmarking – compared with schools in similar circumstances. This will provide you with a financial health check and recommendations for implementing improvements.

Buying Categories

The DfE's Schools Commercial Team has assessed a broad range of categories of products and services that schools and multi-academy trusts regularly buy. By registering with Schools' Buying Hub South West, you will receive Buying Guides on all key purchasing areas, together with expert procurement advice on where to get best value deals.

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“I can understand why some schools are afraid of these processes and the Hub helped a lot with their down-to-earth, professional approach.”

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