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3 reasons to read DfE’s new guidance on Good Estate Management for Schools

An effective estates strategy means you are:

1. Confident land and buildings are supporting your educational objectives.

2. More likely to meet health and safety responsibilities, including statutory compliance.

3. Making the best decisions on how to spend money in the short and long-term, as part of excellent resource management.

Good Estate Management for Schools is a new resource, published by DfE & ESFA, on Gov.UK to help schools and Trusts (and other organisations responsible for the school estate) to plan and manage well, as part of excellent resource management.

The resource has been developed with leading technical experts and education organisations and will be a one-stop shop for everything schools and Trusts should consider when managing their estate.

It ranges from guidance on health and safety management, to advice how to plan for the short and long term, and how to manage procurement and estate projects. It includes tools such as ‘Top Ten Estate Checks’ and Organisational Self-Assessment template. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about GEMS, please contact:


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