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The new Education Technology deal makes it easier for schools to buy ICT solutions, broadband fibre infrastructure and services, hardware and audio visual equipment

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Learn more about School Switch - the energy switching tool for schools

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ISBL launch new CIPS Award for School Business Professionals

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New online agency supply tool from the DfE

Get value for money, avoid fees and find local agencies who complete thorough background checks

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Great Success!

Over 200 members of the Hub have taken part in Water e-auctions achieving savings between 6-13%

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Event Name / Event DescriptionStart DateEnd Date

South Gloucestershire Council Department for Children, Adults and Health

Presentation and Workshop.


Schools' Buying Hub South West Roadshow Plymouth

Plymouth Science Park, Bircham Room, 1 Davy Road, Derriford, PL6 8BX


Schools' Buying Hub South West Roadshow Plymouth

Seco Lounge, Royal William Yard, PL1 3RP


Schools' Buying Hub South West Roadshow Cheltenham

University of Gloucestershire, The Park Campus, GL50 2RH


Schools' Buying Hub South West Roadshow Gloucester

Oxstalls Campus, Gloucester GL2 9HW


Somerset Association of SBMs



Schools' Buying Hub South West Roadshow Swindon

STEAM GWR Museum, Fire Fly Avenue, SN2 2EY


Who’s Supporting You? Practical Solutions to Meet the Day-to-Day Demands of the School Administrator



Devon Association SBMs & Exeter Consortium



ISBL South West Regional Conference




Schools are making Savings...Share in the Success



One in three schools in the South West have already signed up to the Hub! Members have made savings across a broad range of categories including utilities, ICT, facilities management, catering, cleaning and professional services. Latest data shows that 96% of schools’ buying requirements that the Hub has provided advice on have resulted in savings.

We don't want you to miss out. If you need any more convincing, here are some of our most recent successes....


The Hub recently helped 82 schools across the South West participate in a water e-auction in which they achieved overall savings of £137,808, with individual schools saving between 6-13%. Over 100 more schools have already submitted interest in taking part in upcoming opportunities.

If you would like to express interest in the next competition, anticipated to take place in April/May, please contact us here and we will forward you the relevant documentation. In preparation to join, you will need to complete a switching template and return it to us by Friday 22nd February 2019.

Bill Recovery

77 of our members are participating in a no win no fee deal which reviews their utility bills for up to 6 years to identify and recover incorrect charges. £15,000 has been recovered already with more savings being found every day. One school in Bournemouth received a £3,360 refund.

On average one in three schools receives a rebate, but even those that don't are pleased to see that they are on the correct tariff and have historically been billed correctly.

To find out more, please contact us here.

Let us work through your Easter break...



With the Easter break nearly upon us, now is a great time to use the Schools’ Buying Hub South West service to plan your procurement priorities whilst you are away.  Simply tell us what you need, and we will work on  your requirement over the school holidays, contacting you on your return with a plan to achieve best value.

If it’s for a major purchase or new service contract, we can manage the procurement for you.

Just call or email and let us know what you need. We can help with:

  • Large value purchases such as MFDs and equipment
  • Purchasing energy and water aggregated across schools to save money
  • Professional services including audit, legal, HR and utilities cost recovery
  • Facilities management contracts including grounds and building maintenance, cleaning and catering
  • ICT managed services

We look forward to hearing from you, and have a happy Easter!

New DfE approved Education Technology deal



We are pleased to share that a new technology framework has been launched, designed specifically for schools.

The new Education Technology deal makes it easier for schools to buy; • ICT managed solutions • Broadband fibre infrastructure and services • Hardware and software • Networking equipment • Audio visual provision and installation

The South West Hub can help you make the most of the new framework, which has been assessed and approved by the Department for Education.

The Hub is on standby to support all your ICT-related buying.

Book a visit from our procurement experts



Good afternoon,

If you are not one of the 1,000 schools that have already used the South West Hub procurement service to make significant savings, we would like to meet you.

During this Autumn term our team of procurement experts will be visiting every corner of the South West, ...from Bath to Bournemouth, Swindon to St Ives..., and we are keen to meet schools, academies and MATs across the region to discuss your procurement priorities and how we can help.

The Hub is a free procurement service funded by the Department for education to help you save time and money by running competitive tenders for high value goods and services, as well as answering any general procurement-related questions you may have. We will also help devise your three-year Buying Plan and assist you to manage your procurements, ensuring compliance and accessing DfE approved national deals.

Register your interest for a visit; we will be delighted to meet you at your school or trust, at your SBL network group or local cluster meetings.

Interested? Simply reply to this email with some suggested dates and any particular buying requirements you, and your partner schools may have.

Call us on 0117 344 5261 or email at

Helen Burge, SBL of St Anne's Church Academy



Helen Burge shares her view of the Hub

We have used the South West Buying Hub website as a source of information and guidance when carrying out procurement over a wide range of supplies and services. In Autumn 2018 MAT School Business Managers had a workshop with members from the South West Buying Hub to help us develop our procurement practice. We were able to use the workshop to focus on our immediate procurement issues but also consider our long term aims. We had direct input which guided those strategic decisions and we continue to have their support to double check our procurement decisions. We've asked those questions we considered "stupid" or maybe thought we should already know the answer to, knowing that the answer was coming from a professional who was passionate (almost nerdy!) about procurement. We could check our procurement myths and have the clarity we required to make the best procurement decision for our schools.

The Hub team is going on a road-trip!



We will be hosting introductory events in your area over the coming weeks to discuss with you how we could help your school time and money.

During your consultation we can assess if you are receiving best quality and the keenest prices across all your contracted services, start writing a complex specification based on data requirements (we’ll gather this from you in advance), manage the wins and challenges of buying jointly with neighbouring schools… and much more!

Spring term Roadshow locations:

  • 5th February: Plymouth, Science Park, PL6 8BX

  • 6th February: Plymouth, Seco Lounge, PL1 3RP

  • 26th February: University of Gloucestershire, The Park Campus, GL50 2RH

  • 27th February: University of Gloucestershire, Oxstalls Campus, GL2 9HW

  • 4th March: Bournemouth, location tbc

  • 5th March: Bournemouth, The Bournemouth Library, BH2 5RQ

  • 11th March: Swindon, Steam GWR Museum, SN2 2EY

  • 12th March: Cirencester, location tbc

  • 18th March: Trowbridge, location tbc

Don’t forget, to attend an event and sign up to an individual consultation, email If you can’t make any of these events, we can come to you, just let us know.

We look forward to seeing you!


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