Case Studies

Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys

Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys
Procurement of a new cleaning service

Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys approached SBC for a second time after already having used us for their previous cleaning tender. Their contract had naturally come to an end and they were looking to procure a new one with greater focus on supplier management and oversight of staff. They also needed to include a new building component into the contract.

The tender resulted in a sophisticated audit management and a biometric time and attendance system; foundation living wage was also factored into the costs to help future staff retention.

“We were especially impressed with the continuity and professionalism of SBC during the COVID-19 pandemic, whilst we were mid-tender!” Katie Ross, School Business Manager

Newton Farm: Nursery, Infant & Junior School

Newton Farm: Nursery, Infant & Junior School
Virtual procurement process for a new cleaning service

Newton Farm sought the help of Schools’ Buying Club when the annual cost for their cleaning service was due to increase. We ran a restricted OJEU procurement process for the school and were able to save c.£16k in the first year of the contract. The new contract includes additional items such as bin-liners and point-of-use consumables which will bring further savings to the school. Newton Farm has found a supplier who is looking to bring further innovation and support services if required, allowing for a greater partnership relationship with its’ supplier.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, we ran the procurement process virtually. We received site photos and ran a virtual Q&A session in lieu of the usual supplier site visit day and hosted virtual bidder presentations. Our client was kept informed of our scope of work and timeline through-out the whole process to ensure the school was fully aware of our progress at each stage.

“I couldn’t be happier with the service that SBC provided. I felt supported every step of the way to ensure that I was able to make the best decision for my school.”  Matthew Bradley, Headteacher, Newton Farm

River Bank Primary School

River Bank Primary School
Procurement of a new outsource cleaning contract

Schools’ Buying Club managed the tender process for River Bank Primary School who sought to outsource their cleaning function. The school had previously used a mix of in-house cleaners and agency staff but were seeking a more structured and manageable provision. We ran the procurement from start to finish and were able to appoint a supplier on a three-year contract offering best value to the school.

By outsourcing their cleaning function, River Bank Primary School will now benefit from having new cleaning equipment, an appointed supervisor to lead the onsite staff and a new time and attendance system. Furthermore, the revised shift pattern will ensure a wider pool of good candidates when recruiting, which is essential as the school grows.

“Schools’ Buying Club have been brilliant at helping us navigate the process of securing major contacts in the last twelve months. Their staff have been available, diligent and professional at all times and worked to make the process seamless and successful. We would recommend them to other schools and will certainly use them again for future procurement.”  Louise Marsden, School Business Manager and David Sansom, Headteacher

Kingsmead School

Kingsmead School
Procurement of a new, restructured and fit for purpose cleaning service

Kingsmead School wanted to restructure their cleaning service by moving the service from a predominately morning clean to the evening and introducing a new day-time janitor role to ensure general cleanliness is maintained during the day which had previously been a problem for the school.

Through a restricted OJEU procurement process, ran by Schools’ Buying Club, the school was able to achieve a fit for purpose cleaning service. The planned restructuring aims to spread the cleaning service across all hours of the day whilst also ensuring best value for money in terms of the cost. The tender process revised the cleaning service to fit around the after school and weekend lettings, ensuring the school is clean all week round. An improved attendance system was also implemented to enable better management of staff which was an issue previously.

“School Buying Club are an entirely seamless in their processes. The hassle-free approach really makes you feel that they are working with you, not just for you. I would highly recommend them to any school looking for renew their contracts and save costs.”  Stephen Barrett, School Business Leader

“The support given by Schools’ Buying Club felt like having an extended procurement team within the trust. The officers were excellent, communicative, always available to provide advice and guidance, informed, and understanding of our context and needs. Schools’ Buying Club has now supported us with cleaning, catering and ICT managed service tenders, and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to other trusts - excellent service.”
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